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Weeks 3 and 4 – What a difference the weather makes!

Last week I was uninspired to write about my watch days. With weather more like early Fall – temp around 70 on Wednesday! – feeder activity was slow and watching was rather dull. Luckily, winter temps have made it back to eastern Kansas and feeding activity is strong this week. Although the number of species present is fairly consistent (16 – 18 different kinds of birds at my site) the number of individuals varies depending on the weather. Last week I had 62 individuals; this week the number has grown to 85. With the freezing temperatures my little heated pond is a big draw - I can’t wait for a big snowfall!

Check out the map below to see the locations of all Project FeederWatch sites in Kansas this year. Notice the lone site north of Lawrence and northeast of Perry Lake - that’s me! If you’d like to add your feeding station to the map you can still join at! You can find this map at


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