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Educational Presentations

All presentations will begin at 7:00 pm. All events are free and open to all. See the descriptions below for details about how to participate. Unless otherwise noted, programs will be held in person at the Carnegie Building at 9th and Vermont in Downtown Lawrence. Virtual presentations will be on Zoom. 

Updates to the program schedule will be posted on our Facebook page .

Upcoming 2024 Presentations
August 26  |  Kathy Richardson and Kim Criner Ritchie |  Lawrence Sustainability Update

Kim Criner Ritchie, Douglas County Sustainability Director, and Kathy Richardson, City of Lawrence Sustainability Director, will discuss their work on the Climate Action Plan and other joint projects.



September 23  |  Roger Boyd  |  Attracting Birds to Your Yard

Most people think of feeders and seed.  Boyd will also look at the advantages of providing water, shelter, and natural vegetation—what’ good, what isn’t. He will also discuss phone apps for identification and eBird for documenting finds. Dr. Roger Boyd is a Professor Emeritus Professor of Biology at Baker University.



October 28  |  Len Scotto  |  Birds of Florida

Len Scotto is an avid outdoorsman and photographer. He has always had an interest in the arts but didn’t start his photographic journey until he was sixty-eight years old. He loves to capture the beauty of the natural world, and it's where he finds solace, joy, and a sense of peace. He’ll discuss a recent trip to Florida to photograph inland and shorebirds. 



November 25  |  Ann Tanner  |  Prothonotary Warblers—Swamp Candles in Kansas

This presentation will provide an overview of Prothonotary Warblers from a scientific and personal perspective. Tanner will discuss the declining population of the birds, their range and migration paths, and current work by Johnson County Master Naturalists and citizen scientists in eastern Kansas to install nesting boxes in their habitat. The presentation will be loaded with photos and personal stories of interactions with these beautiful birds.   


Ann Tanner is a pharmacist by training and a naturalist at heart.  She is originally from Mississippi, but she has lived in Kansas for many years. Ann serves on the Board of Directors for the Burroughs Audubon Society of Greater Kansas City, is on the Board of Trustees for Audubon of Kansas, is a certified Master Naturalist, served on the Advisory Board for Johnson County Master Naturalists, and is on the Board of Directors for Delta Wind Birds in Mississippi.


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