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Perry Lake

This reservoir northwest of Lawrence is bordered by wooded parkland that allows birders to view birds on the open water from many angles and find land birds as well. A restored marsh below the dam, bordered by a levee trail, attracts birds that prefer shallower water.

General Habitat:

Reservoir, shoreline, marsh, park land

Main Species:

Waterfowl, gulls, raptors, shorebirds

Notable Species:

Bald Eagle, Osprey, Common Loon, Horned and Eared Grebe, Franklin’s Gull, American White Pelican

APA-2017_Osprey_A1_3086_3_Brian_Valente_KK-Web size _Click if original is 2400 pixels or l

Photo: Osprey    Credit: Brian Valente/Audubon Photography Awards

Best Time to Go:


Perry Lake and the parks that surround it have something to interest birders year round, although activity on the lake itself is reduced during the summer months. The Delaware Marsh is best during the spring and fall migrations.

Native Flowers



From Lawrence, travel west on Highway 24 to the town of Perry. Turn north on County Road 1029/Ferguson Road and take a left on 39th Street to reach the dam. Spillway Road below the dam leads to the Delaware Marsh.

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