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University of Kansas Field Station

A network of trails beckons birders to the KU field station. The Field Station has made an admirable effort to become more visitor-friendly in recent years, with road signs leading to the station, improved trails, and interpretive signs. Visitors should respect ongoing research projects by staying on trails and going around areas with flags, enclosures, or other research equipment. Please note that dogs - even on leash - are not allowed on the trails!

General Habitat:

Woodland, prairie, old field


Main Species:

Warblers, vireos, thrushes, flycatchers, woodpeckers, sparrows

Notable Species:

Kentucky Warbler, Summer Tanager, Sedge Wren, American Woodcock

Aud_APA-2018_Sedge-Wren_A1-7255-1_TS_Photo-Kathryn-Cubert-Web size _Click if original is 2

Photo: Sedge Wren    Credit: Kathryn Cubert/Audubon Photography Awards

Best Time to Go:


The variety of habitats at the Field Station make a visit worthwhile any time of the year. Early evening visits may yield an owl sighting or, in the early spring, a woodcock courtship display. Ticks and chiggers can be very problematic during the summer months, so stick to wide trails or be prepared with bug spray. Sedge Wrens can sometimes be coaxed out of the Rockefeller Prairie in July and August, following post-breeding dispersal.



Drive east on Highway 24/40 just past the Lawrence airport before driving north on E 1600 Road approximately 3 miles. The Field Station has multiple management units and trailheads so get out and explore!

Native Flowers

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